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Maura Sanchez
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Just Media Utah (JMU) is a growing collective of organizers committed to fighting oppression by broadening our understanding of the different expressions of exploitation and engaging in struggles that build popular, sustainable power. Unlike the profit-driven corporations that claim to keep us all informed, our efforts will be collaborative, inclusive and non-hierarchical.

Most "news" consistently sides with the powerful, which isn't surprising considering how they're funded and who they're owned by. Many of the "journalists" working in these organizations like to show up at protests and completely ignore the nuance and discussions surrounding the actions. Ultimately the stories end up being hyper-focused on painting protesters as impatient and destructive, and their actions as ineffective. Rarely do these organizations show the police instigation that so often occurs, and even when they do, their stance supports narratives of a lone incident rather than the systemic issues that we are continually grappling with. JMU grows out of the ever growing need for our community to take control of our narrative. We are not interested in generating clicks, or appropriating causes. We are anti-colonial, anti-capitalist, anti-racist, anti-ableist and anti-patriarchal.

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