There are many organizations around SLC that are doing great work and are looking for people to help. Feel free to contact any of the groups below.

Union for Street Solidarity

Union for Street Solidarity (USS) is a group of socialists working to improve the immediate and long-term material conditions of the working poor and homeless in Salt Lake City. We believe that homelessness is a structural condition of capitalist society, not the result of the failure of any individual, and a problem which cannot be solved under capitalism. USS practices mutual aid through the distribution of free survival essentials while engaging in political action through collective struggle.

You can contact the USS by email at or check out their site

Justice for Cody

Autopsy report showing where Cody Belgard was shot, all 3 shots were in the back...

Justice for Cody is organized in efforts to get Justice for Cody Belgard who was murdered by SLCPD November 9, 2018.  As well as support efforts of those seeking justice for other victims of police brutality and social injustices, while providing mutual aid to those in need.

You can contact Justice for Cody at